Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Am Not Ordinary. (There, I Finally Said It)

You cannot see it yet, but behind the scenes, there are changes afoot for this blog...

It is getting a new name, a make-over and heading into a new direction.

It is time for me to stop playing small, and live up to the person I know I can be. Being an "ordinary girl" gave me an excuse, an "out" if you will, to be....well, ordinary.

But I never planned on being ordinary, and what's more...I no longer believe in the ordinary-ness of anything!! Not of people, and most certainly not the world we inhabit, or the larger universe and cosmos.There is mystery and magic and boundless potential everywhere. Both out there, AND in here...

Every person we will ever meet, no matter what their appearance, is stronger than we can imagine. They have faced battles that have never known about, gone on long after they thought they couldn't, battled demons, made mistakes and paid the price for them, put on brave faces even when filled with dread, bore the unbearable...

How can we possibly say that anyone is ordinary?!

We judge, and accept - or reject - people based on the facade they present to us, forgetting that there is a soul within. An eternal, boundless, limitless soul! We are not humans with a soul. We ARE a soul, having a human experience. We are so much more than the eye can see....but how easily we forget!

It is time for me to stop kidding myself. I am not ordinary. I have been afraid to admit this to myself, let alone to the world...

(Neither is anybody else ordinary, but that is for THEM to come to terms with...)

To be anything less is surely a disservice to myself and to humanity. Perhaps even to my Creator?

This past year or two, I've been breaking through mental barriers and gaining incredible new insights into who I truly am, what is truly possible, what I'm capable of...and now it's time to translate these new attitudes and knowledge into...actions.Up until now, there has been a dis-connect of sorts, between my inner world of  thoughts and ideas, and my outer world of actions and relationships and circumstances. Now, it's time to bring the two into harmony.

You've been warned ;-)

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