Thursday, June 10, 2010

Conquering the Jelly Slice

So, in honour of my Creative Cooking Challenge, I dug out a packet of jelly crystals, and decided to have a go at making jelly slice.

But first there's a story behind the jelly slice.

My very first real boyfriend dumped me after 6 months of "going out" (I was a pimply, opinionated 15 year old at the time), and before I had dried my eyes, he had hooked up with some other girl, slightly older, whose family happened to know my family. It all seems slightly dodgy to me, but let us not get side-tracked from the real story.

This other girl did not even have one pimple, and to top it off, she was an absolute whizzkid in the kitchen. She churned out upside-down-pineapple cakes, and, her crowning glory - jelly slice. I had never even managed to make jelly, let alone jelly slice. At every social occasion, there she was, basking in the compliments about how her jelly slice was just the most delicious thing ever. And I was sitting in the corner, feeling as big as an ant. Eating jelly slice.

It goes without saying, that, until I set my affections onto another member of the male species, I was beside myself, with pimple-envy, and culinary-envy.

Ever since then, I have coveted that jelly slice. Not the boyfriend, you understand. The jelly slice. Just so we're clear.

So, I thought it was high time to break the spell of the jelly slice. It was time for me to take back my power, regain my self-esteem....blah, blah, blah.

And, to my delight, the jelly slice actually turned out.

Okay. So perhaps not quite as perfect as the-whizzkid-with-no-pimples, but still...Not too shabby for a first attempt.

(And there's more....This slice is special. I even made the condensed milk from scratch! So there.)

I was so excited by this culinary triumph, I almost considered not letting anyone eat it, just so as I could continue to admire my handiwork, but then I relented.

Hubby said: "Mmmm. This is the best thing you've ever made".

Four year old said: "This is so delicious Mum! I want some more".

Bless their little hearts.

And in other domestic news, this evening I attempted to do my first iron-on patch to mend hubby's clothes. It didn't really go to plan. (Have I mentioned I'm not very domesticated?)

I was busy imagining how hubby would be feeling some pleased with himself, after getting jelly slice, and his clothes mended, all in the one day(!!), that I forgot to read the instructions properly. The bit where it says "Not suitable for nylon material".

Oh, well. Guess you can't win 'em all....


Kerry said...

Anyone who makes their own condensed milk is domesticated in my book.
Thank you for a very interesting blog.

katiegirl said...

Making my own condensed milk is quite a new foray. But it's super easy!! (From memory) 2 cups of sugar (I use a substitute), dissolved in 1 cup of hot water, add in 2 cups of powdered milk and a couple of tablespoons of butter/marg. Whizz it in a food processor, or blender, and hey presto!! This makes about 2 cans of condensed milk.

Anonymous said...

It hadn't ever occurred to me that you could make your own condensed milk. Well done!

Erica K said...

ok, that looks soooo yummy.

new follower

Laura said...

I have never heard of jelly slice before. It looks great!

Laura @ along for the ride

Pam said...

I'm not sure what "jelly slice" is, but the picture looks yummy! Sounds like you got the best of the lot anyway....with the hubs and the kids. :) Signed, a formerly opinionated pimple face myself, (lol) Pam @ Sallygoodin Have a great weekend! I'm now following you thru New Friend Friday.

Truthful Mommy said...

It looks delicious and forget about that other girl and her jelly are doing it healthy and she probably kept baking all these years. Hell, she's probably sitting around with her own "jelly slice" right around her midsection! Love this idea and the fact that you are converting everything to 'healthy' rocks! What a good Mommy. What a domestic Goddess! Happy Mothering!
P.S. Thanks for following!

Mhel said...

You churned, you choked, yet you conquered. Some simple food had such great stories behind. Nice story

Hi! Im your newest follower.Hope you could follow back, drop by, and say hi!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

LOL You are so funny but i SO understand...Yep.
CONGRATS on the Jelly slice!
Come follow too :)

Nomie said...

Found you at Brenda's FYBF... it was the jelly slice in the title that got me! I love that stuff! Am trying to find a decent gluten free biscuit for the base at the moment... and making your own condensed milk? Genius!

Christina said...

Linking up through friendly friday. You are very witty, enjoyed reading your blog and hey the jelly looks really yum...use to be a disaster in the kitchen but slowly making progress;)

Do visit my meetin

even-star said...

ooh yummy! new follower

Anonymous said...

I am so envious. That is a seriously awesome skill. Jelly slice and I have parted ways in the kitchen and I now only eat it when made by someone else.