My Story

I am a married mother of three beautiful souls. A Capricornian – ambitious, earthy, curious, loyal...

Just three years ago, I had the mortgage, the 2 kids, the marriage, the job, the flat-screen TV, the credit card debt...Basically, I was “normal”.

(It’s rather comforting, being normal, isn’t it?!)

My blog was even called “The Life and Times of an Ordinary Girl”.

Deep down, I had no interest whatsoever in being “ordinary”. I wanted greatness! I wanted to be extraordinary! I wanted to live a life that mattered, that changed the world for better.

My life was so far removed from what I had once dreamed of. I was living a lie and, deep down, I knew it. But I felt frustrated and trapped by circumstances and debt.

But of course, we always have a choice! Even if it’s “only” our attitude.

A series of small, seemingly unimportant experiences and encounters led to a realisation which ultimately changed the course of my life.

 I realised that I needed to stop fighting all the things I didn’t want, and start working towards what I DID want.

“Where focus goes, energy flows” or “What you resist, persists”.

This change in attitude set off another series of experiences and encounters. The entire momentum of my life, our lives, shifted, all kinds of new possibilities opened up. I realised the ONLY thing limiting me! My mind, my thoughts, my attitudes

We decided to sell our home. We sold/gave away/donated most of our possessions and put the rest into storage.

This was bold enough in itself, but since we were growing in boldness as we became more convinced that we were doing the right thing, we decided to go ahead and shed all pretense of being “normal”.

We sold our car, redirected our mail and took our children across the ocean to experience life in a small, undeveloped island in the Pacific (the Kingdom of Tonga- my husband's home country). 

Our youngest child was just 11 weeks old at the time.

What followed was an amazing, life-changing spiritual journey of necessary challenges and ultimate growth. Away from the comfortable routines and social norms, my mind began to break free of it’s confines. I began to see everything differently. It was so exhilarating.

It still is. Every day, I wake up wondering what new lesson I will learn today. Every day I grow more like myself, the person I was created to be.

This year my husband and I opened up Tonga’s first ever health food business. With a staggering rate of obesity (68%) and non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease, this is just the first step towards our vision of a (much-needed) holistic health movement in Tonga.

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