Friday, June 7, 2013

Monsanto Is Not The Problem

The nightly news probably neglected to mention it, but on May 25th, 2013 there were millions of people around the world who joined in the "March Against Monsanto", to protest genetically modified foods/corporate greed/patents on food etc

I did not join in. Not even a placard or a tweet! Have I crossed over to the dark side?

No. Quite the opposite.

Once upon a short time ago, I railed against the corporate giants, the government, the “system”, the crap in our food supply...the injustice, the misery, the unfairness of it all...

In fact, if you’ve got a mind to, there’s really quite a lot to rail against in this world, isn’t there?

Actually there is SO MUCH...that if you concentrate on it long enough, you kind of lose sight of all the beauty in the world, the wonderful people, the joy in little things, hope in the future. I

f you’ve got a mind to, there’s also a lot to appreciate in this world...

It all depends on what you look for...

I’m a big believer in “Where focus goes, energy flows”. We direct energy and feed the things that we think about, and talk about. So it makes sense to focus on the things that we want more of...

Two years ago, I chose to turn my gaze and direct my energy to what I DO want. I cannot begin to tell you how this little change has impacted my life. I was stressed to the max, I felt helpless and tense and fearful of the future.

 Nowadays, I appreciate what a beautiful world we are part of, and no matter what happens in life, I know I’m capable of meeting the challenge and I’ll be okay.

So, I am no longer Anti-GMO or Anti-Monsanto.

But I AM pro-organic, pure whole foods and heirloom seeds...

I don't lecture people about the crap in their foods (OK, well maybe only a little bit...). I'd rather show them how good they could feel if they nourish their body with pure, whole foods.

Another welcome side-effect of this change in focus, is that without all the fear and emotion clouding my vision, I'm able to see clearer how things really are.

You see, I am no longer convinced that Monsanto is the problem, here. 

Rather, I think that Monsanto is a SYMPTOM of the problem.

If the protests succeeded in closing down Monsanto, what then? Would there not be another big bio-tech company waiting in the wings, ready to take advantage of such an opportunity...? Would we then turn our attention to the big oil companies? Or the battery hen factories? Or the military-industrial complex?

I think the REAL problem here is much larger, much more pervasive and can only be overcome with LOVE, not hatred or anger.

The real problem is the pervasive modern mindset that we can produce and collect and consume and buy indefinitely, a seemingly endless supply of unnecessary things, with no consequence or liability.

Or the mindset that we are the only creatures in the entire eco-system that matter.

We condemn Monsanto for messing with Mother Nature, while we spray weedkiller on our lawn and flush bleach down the toilet, and gulp down synthetic medications to squash the symptoms of our poor eating habits, and buy the battery eggs because they're cheaper.

Aren't we also messing with Mother Nature?

Let’s face it, genetically modified foods are not feeding the hungry, they’re feeding nations of obese people who fill their stomachs more often than necessary, in order to prevent themselves from noticing the yawning gaps and voids in their lives.

Let love be the solution.

Love for an Earth that sustains and feeds and nourishes us. Love for a people who have become so trapped in illusions that they can no longer see their true nature or understand their true worth.

Another part of the problem is the so-called “system”. There is no point in railing against a system, because we ARE the system. We helped create it, we help maintain it, whether through active participation or passive compliance.

It is so much easier to point the finger at "them", than honestly reflect on ourselves and the part we play.

This "system" allows a corporation to become a giant multinational conglomerate, almost a law unto itself, despite such public resistance. How does a business get so big, when so many people dislike them? The answer is through manipulation and exploitation and unfair advantages gained through “lobbying” and political favours.

In a fair world, Monsanto would have either cleaned up their act, or been out of business long ago.

But this is not a fair world.

It is, however, a fair reflection of the human race.

The vast majority of citizens in the western world spend almost our entire lives straining and striving for more money, more recognition, more status, more "power" (or the illusion thereof), more possessions, more personal gain...

The “system” simply reflects the inner state of the majority, the desires of the many. In other words, the elite/the corporations/the "system" is simply a manifestation of the people's own desires.

We can heal this imbalance, but only with love. 

Only love can generate the kind of attitude and behavior that will inspire others to change. Anger and hatred and fear tactics don’t inspire change, they just instil resentment. 

Only love can heal the hurting. 

Love for all the souls who spend their lives pursuing a title/person/bank balance/possession/reputation in the mistaken belief it will make them happy, only to realise in the latter days of their lives that happiness was inside them all along. Have love for those people!

Love for all the souls who do things they are not proud of, in order to gain their weekly pay-cheque and then numb the voice of conscience in order to sleep at night. Have love for those people! (This includes all the employees of Monsanto, and every other corrupt organisation on earth.)

Love for all the souls who are enslaved by their negative thoughts, their quick temper, their insecurities, their addictions, because they have never considered the possibility that they have every tool and resource necessary to master them. Have love for those people!

Love for all the souls who are so emeshed in their own personal story (drama?) that they have never stopped to notice their effect on others, on the environment,  on humanity. Have love for those people! 

Love for all the souls who allow a passing trend, an "expert", a well-meaning friend to over-ride their intuition and inner voice, because of a lack of trust in themselves. Have love for those people!

Love for all the souls mistakenly try to escape from their own hell, their own pain, their own fears, by inflicting the same on others. Have love for those people!

Love for all the souls who have so little love or respect for themselves that they feel compelled to fill the aching void by pursuing a title, a person, a bank balance, a possession no matter what the cost. Have love for those people!

I see aspects of myself in many of those paragraphs above. Do you see reflections of yourself? Have love for that person, too!

Have you ever noticed that when you act from a place of anger or fear, things seem to go wrong? Often, we look back with regret. I find my truest and noblest actions come forth if I act from a place of love. I cannot believe that pure love, which seeks only what is best for ourselves and others, would ever lead me wrong. 

So, you won't find me waving placards and shouting 'Death to Monsanto"...Fear and anger begets more fear and anger.

But you WILL find me teaching my children about their food. You WILL find me showing them how to grow their own vegetables, how to collect the seeds to replant again, how to work with Nature and not against. 

You WILL find me sharing my knowledge and my passion for pure whole foods and natural healing. You WILL find me living a life of honesty and integrity, so that others might see and be inspired to do the same. You WILL find me living simply and seeking to value what is truly important in the bigger scheme of things. 

No, I maintain that Monsanto is not the problem.

WE ARE the problem.

When we are able to see and admit this, we'll take the first step towards being the solution.

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