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The Sickness Industry (Part 3)

Part 3 is finally here!

Just when you thought you couldn't be shocked any more...

This post is all about Medical "Fact". And the media. And challenging some things that we have all accepted as fact. Let's look at a few examples...

It seems common sense has gone out of fashion. Instead, we let "experts" and "panels" do the thinking for us. This does not suit me at all!! Things don't quite add up, and I want to know why!


For example: "Skin Cancer is caused by the sun." Everybody knows this right?! It's taught in schools, it's promoted by the Cancer Council. It's undisputed medical fact.

Here's a question...

If skin cancer was caused solely by the sun...why were our ancestors rarely, if ever, troubled by skin cancer, yet they spent most of their lives outdoor?. We spend more time indoors, than ever before, yet we have the highest rate of skin cancer than ever before. How does that make sense?

And why is it, that in the hottest parts of Australia, office workers still have a higher rate of skin cancer than lifeguards do??

There's got to be more to the story...

Could it be that skin cancer is less about the sun, and more about the food we're eating?

As a result of this fear of the sun, people cover up, stay indoors, and get sicker than ever. You know why? Because our society is becoming deficient in Vitamin D, which is essential for bone health, a strong immune system, and prevention of cancer.

Vitamin D can prevent 4 out of 5 cancers. Yes, incredible as it sounds, but spending some time in the sun helps to PREVENT cancer.

Have you ever noticed that people who work indoors seem to get sick more often than people who work outdoors? That's because the sun is GOOD FOR YOU.

Have you ever wondered why Winter is the "flu season" and not Summer? Maybe it's because most people don't get enough sun in Winter!

Could it be that the sun prevents disease?

Question everything!!

Many people think that the sun causes them to have dry, leathery, wrinkled skin. That's because the sun has the most incredible ability to draw toxins up and out through the skin. So, if you are full of toxins, and you stay out in the sun,'ll end up with wrinkly, leathery skin.

Of course, no-one is suggesting you lay out in the sun all day, until you are as red as a beetroot. That's just plain foolishness. (You should start gently, and gradually build up exposure.) But never, ever underestimate the healing qualities of the sun. The sun allows the body to produce Vitamin D, it kills viruses and germs, and encourages seratonin production in the brain.

During Summer, most of us probably get enough incidental sunlight during our everyday activities, but during the Winter months, most of us need to actually sit out in the sun for a while, to produce enough Vitamin D. Especially if you are dark-skinned.

My sons and I have not gotten a single cold or flu this Winter, and I attribute this to cutting out all sugar from our diet, and spending a half hour outside in the sun every day.

More reading here. Also, you can read a fascinating article here by another blogger mum, and her "sun experiments". Actually, scientific studies can back up her findings. Sunburn only occurs when nutritional deficiencies are present.


Here's another one: "AIDS is caused by HIV". This is another one that's taught in schools. Heck, it's medical fact too, how dare we question it?!!

What if I told you that people have died from "AIDS", but it was found later that they were HIV negative? How is this possible?

What if I told you that people have tested positive for HIV, but later were re-tested and found to be negative?

What if I told you that the HIV test does not test if you've got the HIV virus? It tests if you've got HIV antibodies in the blood. Do you realise what this means??? If you test HIV positive, then it simply means that at some point you were exposed to the HIV virus, and you're body produced antibodies (in other words, your immune system fought it.)

What if I told you that studies have been done, that followed couples where one partner was HIV positive, and one was negative, and not one single partner became HIV positive, even after years of unprotected intercourse? Could it be that the HIV virus is NOT sexually transmitted?

This is outrageous!! This is a scandal of epidemic proportions.

The thing is, AIDS is not a clearly defined disease. It's made up of many different diseases, like muscle wasting syndrome, pneumonia, etc. So, if I went to hospital suffering breathing difficulty and mucus in the lungs, and I was HIV negative, then I would be diagnosed with pneumonia. But if I was HIV positive, then I would be diagnosed with AIDS. Do you see what I mean? This is a complete shambles!

Even cervical cancer is now supposedly an AIDS "disease", according to the Center for Disease Control.

Is it possible that AIDS (as we know it) does not even exist?

Why is it that 90% of AIDS cases are male? Why are they mostly homosexual? If AIDS (or HIV) was sexually transmitted, why doesn't it affect both sexes? Do homosexuals have more unprotected sex than hetrosexuals. I think not....

If you look at the risk categories for AIDS, you find homosexuals, drug users, and blood transfusion recipients.

Every single homosexual AIDS patient was found to have used drugs, the drug users used drugs (obviously!), and the blood transfusion recipients used (legal) drugs for their various medical conditions.

Could it be, that drugs (both legal and illegal) damage the immune system so much, that we end up with this disease we call AIDS???

Could it be, that being HIV positive is just like having antibodies to rubella or any other infection, and therefore perfectly harmless, go on HIV medication (drugs)???

Could it be that HIV medication CAUSES AIDS???

Meanwhile, drug companies are making a fortune through HIV medication. Why on earth would they ever find a "cure" for "AIDS"? My guess is that we will never find a "cure" for AIDS or cancer. Not in our lifetimes, anyway. Too many people are making too much money out of the current status quo.

It's nothing short of murder, if you ask me...

For a fascinating article, click here. It tells the whole story of how "AIDS" was discovered, and then linked (fraudulently, I might add) with HIV. And more reading here.

Question everything, people!!


How about this one: "Germs are bad and must be avoided at all costs." Let's get one thing straight. There have always been germs, and there always will be germs. You can't get away from it. In fact, life on earth cannot survive without germs.

But you would never know this, by all the ads for fancy disinfectant sprays that kill 99.9% of all those bad germs on the kitchen bench.

Don't be fooled.

What they forgot to mention is that the chemicals in their disinfectants are, in all likelihood, far worse than any germ lurking on your kitchen bench.

Thanks to some slick, fear-based marketing, we have all been fooled into thinking that we need to be kept in a sterile environment to be healthy. This is a complete myth. We've got our focus all wrong. You cannot eliminate all germs. Instead of worrying about germs, worry about looking after your immune system so that it does the job it was meant to do.

Obviously there are some instances where antibacterials and bleaches might be necessary. Like hospitals. But not in our home. Get rid of the antibacterial hand-washes and go back to good old sunlight soap. It was good enough for our grandmothers, and it's good enough for us.

Spray your kitchen bench with vinegar. It kills germs just as effectively, but without the harmful fumes that you and your family are left to breathe into your lungs.

And one more thing. Let your kids play in the dirt!! Dirt is good. Really. You'll end up with a much healthier, stronger kid, if you allow their immune systems to come into contact with a bit of dirt.


Is this fact or fiction??? High Cholesterol is dangerous. Cholesterol has become the newest buzzword, and everyone is concerned about keeping their cholesterol levels low.

I wonder if this has anything to do with Lipitor (a cholesterol-lowering drug) being the best-selling drug in the history of the universe. It rakes in a whopping $3.1 billion every single year.

Here's the shocking little secret. Cholesterol lowering medications are pretty much useless against heart disease, or strokes, or any other medical problem. You know why?

Because high cholesterol does NOT cause those problems!!

If your arteries are scarred (from eating a diet high in sugar, alcohol or rancid cooking oils, like canola), then ANY cholesterol will stick to the arterial walls, forming plaque, whether you have high cholesterol or low cholesterol.

There are 40 year olds, with low cholesterol who drop dead from a heart attack, while 100 year olds with soaring cholesterol levels live in perfect health.

Our grandparents consumed far more cholesterol than we do (lard, eggs, animal fats, butter etc) but they were not troubled by many of the diseases that we have today.

Something is not quite right here, people.

Could this be a well-marketed scam, that even your doctor has fallen victim to?

Not only is high cholesterol not the cause of heart attacks or strokes or anything else, cholesterol is essential to human life. We cannot live without it. Every living cell on earth requires cholesterol. That includes brain cells, people...

Did you know that cholesterol is what allows the body to convert sunlight into Vitamin D? If your cholesterol levels are too low, you are going to be deficient in Vitamin D.

More reading here 

And last, but certainly not least...


Is this fact or fiction??? The media is unbiased, transparent and truthful.

Oh, please.

Mainstream media is owned by it's corporate sponsors. Trust me, when I say that if the media broadcasts it, then big business wants you to know about it.

If big business don't want you to know about, then you won't hear about it.

It's as simple as that.

We are being spoon-fed, whatever "news" they want us to know. Don't believe it?

Remember that saga about Somalian "pirates" terrorising ships and kidnapping passengers in the Gulf of Aden? The world roundly condemned them, as being nothing but terrorists.

Now, lets have a look at the other side of the story, shall we?

Back in 1991, when the Somalian government collapsed, the country fell into ruin, and much of the country's 9 million inhabitants have been bordering on starvation ever since.

Soon after the fall of the government, with no-one patrolling their waters, European ships began dumping toxic waste into their waters. The coastal people starting developing strange rashes, nausea, and malformed babies started being born.

After the 2004 tsunami, many of these leaking barrels of waste washed up on the shore, and people began suffering radiation sickness.

And if that's not bad enough, European vessels started coming into their waters, and illegally fishing. $300 million worth of seafood is stolen from their waters every year, while local fisherman are starving.

Somalian fisherman decided to take action, and organised speedboats to try and charge a tax on these foreign invaders, and out of this the "pirate" was born.

Suddenly, the story takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

If the world knew the truth, we would all be condemning big business and their dirty, low-life tactics of dumping nuclear waste into the ocean (cheaper than disposing of it properly), and stealing other people's resources. (Read more of the story here. And here. The second link includes pictures and a video.)

Question everything! 


This is probably the last post of my Sickness Industry series (unless I find some more startling things that just have to be shared.) Even if you are highly cynical about everything I've written, I hope that at least you'll start to question and do your own research on things. There is a whole lot more going on in the world, then what we see on the 6 o'clock news...

My greatest wish is that we will all take responsibility for our own health, instead of turning to a bottle of pills, for every ailment. Our bodies are amazing, and have been wonderfully and fearfully made. Treat them with the respect they deserve. 

(That means stop poisoning yourself with packaged, processed food, chemically-treated water, and prescription (and over-the-counter) medications.)

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