Monday, August 16, 2010

Quitting Sugar...3 Weeks On.

This post is less about my quitting sugar efforts, and more about some new information I dug up.

There's not a lot to report on the quitting sugar front, except that I still resemble a spotty teenager - lucky I have no hot dates planned... And I was very naughty and had a profiterole, and a tiny slice of tiramisu, and then I got a thumping headache. Serves me right..


I read somewhere that you should always do colon cleansing, before doing any other type of cleansing. But I ignored that bit, and jumped straight into a candida cleanse.

Now i understand WHY you should do a colon cleanse first.

Most people have a lot of "stuff" rotting away in their colon (large intestine). Actually, most people will have between 1 and 3 kilos of "stuff". (I know. It's hardly dinner-table conversation material, is it? But lets plough on...There is a point I'm getting to.)

All this "stuff" is a breeding ground for toxins, candida and -gulp!- parasites.

When you remove all this gunk, your whole digestive system works a lot more efficiently, and many people report feeling a burst of energy, clearer skin, improved immune function, weight loss, and better bowel habits (Did you know that if you don't "go" at least once per day, then you are constipated? Optimum is 3 times per day.)

So what's it got to do with my candida/quitting sugar cleanse?

Well, purging your system of candida means a lot of toxins released into the body while the candida fungus is dying. One of the ways toxins are cleared out of the body is....yep, you clever thing!! Out through the digestive system! Ummm, that is, if your colon is not clogged up with "stuff".

If your colon is not functioning efficiently, then your body will struggle to eliminate toxins.

There are two ways you can clean out the colon. One is colonic irrigation. The name says it all really. Kind of like having a colonoscopy, except they wash it out. I've heard that this way is the most effective, but if you're a bit reluctant to have someone poking a little tube in your nether regions, then you're left with Option 2...

Take a colon cleanse formula. There are a few of these around, some are based on herbs, others are based on magnesium. I've managed to get hold of a magnesium based one (magnesium oxide and magnesium carbonate) - apparently the magnesium releases a lot of water into the colon, so basically an internal wash.

You need to stay handy to a bathroom for the first week, while you are de-gunking your insides.

Sooooooooooo!!! Whilst I'm still trying to stay sugar-free, I'm also going to attempt to clean my insides, starting tomorrow.

I'm so nervous and excited!!

Gosh. Must go. Before you realise what a weirdo I am...

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