Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes You Can Know TOO Much...

Well, the pity party went off nicely.

I sat in the corner and sulked for five minutes, and then I felt much better, thank you very much.

And then I had another lightbulb moment.

But first, let me explain...

Baby cherub (nearly 8 months) has been a very challenging little guy for me. Health issues, food intolerances, unhappy all the time, wont sleep.

You name it...

Now dont hear me wrong. I love my children more than words, I would lay down my life in a heartbeat for them...

but this child has challenged me like nothing else. I have been ready to pack up and go away on a long holiday many times. I have laid him in his cot, and went out into the garden for a good bawl, several times.

Once, I even walked right around the block, only to hear him, still screaming, when I walked back up the driveway.

I have taken him to this doctor, and that doctor, and countless others trying to get help. I did get his food intolerances and excema fixed, but the sleep issues have continued.

I have read this book, and that book, looking for answers, and tried everything I could think of, with ony limited success.

Dont do this......dont let the baby sleep past 7am........make sure you wrap him up tightly.....dont let him rely on a dummy.....blah, blah, blah....

And now for the lightbulb moment...

I suddenly thought: Maybe I know too much?

Maybe I'm overcomplicating something that should be really simple?

I know my child! The books dont know my child!!

So last night, we had the normal 10pm squirming, and crying, and back-arching. So I pulled off his wrap (Now I'm a big believer in wrapping babies up nice and snugly, but at nearly 8mths, he was probably getting tired of it, but I persisted because the book told me to!)

And instead of patting and shushing and singing, I just handed him his dummy.

Yes!! What a naughty and lazy mummy I am!

Mind you, my mothers generation would not have felt the slightest twinge of guilt about using a dummy. In fact, they probably would have dipped it in some honey for good measure...

And you know what...??

He curled up on his side (gasp!), happily sucking his dummy, and slept the entire night.

And he's still asleep now. At 7:30am.

But before you panic...

I've already checked.

He is breathing.


Miggles said...

Our DS didn't want to be wrapped from 6 months and once we figured that out he slept better, still not great but better. I agree books have no idea when it comes to YOUR child. Read them by all means but remember that in the end its your call. The book wont bite if you don't follow it to the letter of the law LOL

1milliondollarchallenge said...

I totally agree the books don't know. I've just done whatever for my kids and it worked. I read one book, laughed at it and thought whatever and instead tried advice from friends and family.

With my first dd I didn't want to use a dummy, but after 3 weeks, my husband bought one, so with the 2nd dd I had NO guilt with using one!

Glad it's getting better for you.