Friday, January 1, 2010

A girl at heart...

Ok, so it's New Years Day. I figure I should do something really impressive, to herald the first day of the rest of my life...So I've stopped procrastinating, and finally got this blog up and running.

I want to share my journey, as I strive to live an extraordinary life. Even though I'm just an ordinary girl (yes, you would think I'd call myself a woman, by now, being 28 years old, and all, but no.....I just cant help but think of myself as a "girl").

When I was younger I had great visions of being SOMEBODY, of changing the world, of trekking across the globe like a free spirit. Well, marriage and children soon changed THAT!!

Being a mother is one of life's great privaledges, and it has been my most rewarding and challenging role, so far. After my first son was born, I had to let go of my footloose and fancy-free ideas, and that was hard. I have come to accept, that I will probably never change the world, but here in my hands, is the opportunity to tenderly, and oh so carefully, help mould two little lives. To teach them to be kind. Courageous. And gracious. To inspire them to see joy in life, and good in people, and to know that life is a gift, so use it well.

I have many dreams for my life, and I have many dreams for my sons. I will post more about these later. But first, I need to complete something that has been holding me back. I need to get my house in order. I cannot think straight in a messy, disorganised house!! I need to get my home sorted out, so I can concentrate on bigger and better things. Ah, back to earth with a thud...

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