Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you Ebay...

Last night I decided to list a few things on ebay, and I was waiting (impatiently) for one measly photo to upload, knowing full well that I will probably make about $1 per hour for my time spent listing, answering enquiries, posting the article....

And I thought....

What on earth am I doing?

My time is worth more than this.

After all, time is life. A moment wasted is a moment I'll never see again.

I may as well be doing something I love. (Which is writing and blogging and music). So here I am...

Doing something I love.

I may still only get $1 per hour return for my time, but if I'm enjoying myself, who cares?

Time spent doing something that makes you happy, could never be called wasted time.

You are probably thinking "Ummmm.....DUH" by now. That's exactly what I'm thinking too!!! I guess I have always known this on an intellectual level, but I have never consciously made choices that reflect this belief.

So, I'm going to pack up the items I would have sold on Ebay, and take them to Tonga with me later this year. There's plenty of people there who need them more than me.

So thank you, Ebay. You've made me realise what I really want.

I will no longer be organising items, listing them, uploading photos which take an infuriatingly long time, braving the post office with two little kids in tow...

All for a grand profit of $1.12 after fees. 

My time (a.k.a. my life) is worth more than that.

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1milliondollarchallenge said...

I posted a comment before, but don't know where it went!

I love your background. It's very cool.

I so agree about ebay now too. It's just too much effort for nothing. I;d rather spend time with my daughters.

Hope you have an AWESOME time in Tonga. I want to take my girls there one day.