Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Life and Times....they are a'changing.

If anyone still reads this blog (?!?!), you might remember a little while ago I was completely overwhelmed, over-worked and thoroughly fed up with everything.

I was struck down with an awful virus at the time, which really "hit me for six". Months later, and I'm just kicking it off now. Thank goodness.

It has become clear to us that things must change. We really cannot keep living like this.

So, we've made some decisions that we're really excited about, and the life and times of this ordinary girl are about to be a'changing.

Not least of these being.....that we have another baby on the way! I know. I've been keeping it a secret. I'm already more than half-way there! No doubt, many people will question why on earth we would bring another child into our family, when we are already struggling to get by.

The same thought has crossed my mind, too...

Anyway, what's done is done. Our child will be loved just the same, whether we are struggling or not. But it does mean our other plans need to be fast-tracked a bit.

We are going to be selling our home. We've already started to put the wheels in motion, by getting appraisals from real-estate agents, and starting on the gerzillion jobs around the house that you've never noticed needed doing...until you thought about selling it.

I've already started packing away non-essential stuff. Yesterday I cleaned and sorted out the garage, so we can get as much clutter stored away out of sight. Today's job is to wash and scrub the decking. Tomorrow's job is cleaning up the garden.

Thank goodness for the long weekend.

There's been good capital gains in our area since we bought our home back in 2005. We've figured out that if we can sell our house for the price we have in mind, we can pay out the mortgage, pay off all credit card debt, update our 13-year-old car, and still have around $110,000 left to start over again somewhere else.

The thought of being debt-free is what keeps me going, when I look around and realise we still have so much to do, and only a limited time-frame if we are to be out before a new baby arrives.

We're thinking of heading north, to a little town along the coast, where my husband knows people who can get him work.

I've already had a look at some of the real estate. We can buy a house with four bedrooms (our current one has three), with a bigger backyard (for the children to play, and me to indulge in my secret wish to become semi-sufficient), and with our deposit, STILL have a mortgage that is about $60,000 less than our current one.

And a warmer climate to boot.

Who wouldn't?!?!

And yes, I've been persevering with my studies. As much as I can under the circumstances. I recently finished a module on Nutrition, which was eye-opening and astounding, and thoroughly fascinating. The module before that - Musculoskeletal Anatomy - I recieved a High Distinction for. Don't ask me how...

I've now started on my first kinesiology subject. More thoroughly astounding and fascinating things to learn!! Now I need to find some brave subjects to start practicing my new skills on.

I know I won't get my studies finished before the baby comes. That's ok. I'll just do the best I can.

I'm dreaming of the time when we move to our new town near the beach, and I set up a little part-time clinic, and earn income by doing something I love.

So much to look forward to. So much effort required to get there!!

But it feels like the right move for our family.

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