Friday, October 10, 2014

Your Body Is The Healer

Ok, hold tight. I’m about to say something heretical…

Medicine cannot cure you, and a doctor cannot heal you.

Let me repeat: Medicine cannot cure you, and a doctor cannot heal you.

Only your body can heal you.

 At best, your doctor can give advice or prescribe a product, and his medicine may suppress your symptoms (usually how conventional medicine works) or kick-start your body’s own healing reactions (often how naturopathic medicines work), but at the end of the day, your body has to do the work.

If you have a broken bone, the doctor or surgeon might put it back into place, but only your body can knit the bone back together again. If you have a wound, the nurse might dress it to stop infection, but it's your body that grows new skin and closes over the wound. Your body is the true healer.

If you take the latest, greatest vitamin formula and all your aches and pains disappear, does that mean it has cured you? No. It means your body finally has what it needs to heal itself and function properly.

If you undergo chemotherapy and it shrinks your tumor, does that mean it has healed you? No. It means the chemotherapy has suppressed (one of) your symptoms. Cancer is one symptom of a toxic, acidic system. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery might take out or reduce your cancer, but it cannot heal your toxic, acidic system. Your body can, though, if you give it the right diet and support.

I'm not saying doctors and medicine and herbal remedies don't have their place. Unfortunately, they have become all too necessary! But the real aim of a healthcare system shouldn't necessarily be to supply more doctors or better medicine, it should be to create a society that needs less doctors and less medicine! Anything else is just a band-aid solution...However, the economic reality is that band-aid solutions keep people in jobs and in business, so we are stuck with them (Pardon the pun).

I believe that if people really understood how awesomely their bodies were designed and what they are capable of, they would treat them a whole lot better.

When you get a “cold”, the runny nose, the sore throat and the cough are not symptoms of  an illness. They are symptoms of your body fighting off the illness. When your body is alerted to a foreign invader (such as a nasty germ), it immediately sets off a chain reaction of defenses. It starts sending in its troops, like white blood cells, but you probably just know them as “snot”, “mucus” or “gunk”.

Your body raises its temperature to try and kill off the invading pathogen – so you get a fever. 

Your body attempts to prevent the pathogen from penetrating further than the throat, which causes localized inflammation and heat in the throat, hence you get a “sore throat”. 

Your body is doing exactly what it’s meant to do! It’s protecting you…and what do you do in return? You pop some cold and flu pills to avoid feeling the sore throat and the sniffles. That’s right, you block the body from doing its work. 

Just because something makes us feel better, doesn’t mean it has healed us. In fact, with many modern medications, it has succeeded only in tampering with the bodies natural processes. If you take a painkiller because you have a headache, the painkiller doesn’t take your pain away, it simply turns off your pain sensors so your brain can’t register the sensation anymore.

Doesn't it make more sense to find out what your body is trying to tell you? In the case of a headache, it's probably trying to tell you to drink more water, or get away from your computer, or that you're lacking magnesium, or eating/using something that irritates the body. Listen! Your body is always talking to you!

And while we’re here, let’s have a little conversation about germs. All through the winter months, people cough and sniffle and blame their problems on “germs”. Unfortunately, germs are everywhere and life on earth is not possible without them. Germs are not the problem. Your immune system is the problem! 

Most likely, the immune system has become bogged down due to stress, nutritional deficiency, toxic overload, lack of exercise/fresh air/sunlight and can no longer cope.

The answer is not to try and control germs (you can’t), the answer is to build up an immune system that does what it’s meant to do – resist anything that’s potentially harmful to the body.

I haven’t been sick in years, and it’s certainly NOT because I’m paranoid about germs (I don’t even own a disinfectant, unless you mean vinegar). 

It’s certainly NOT because I wash my hands fifty times a day with antibacterial stuff (I wash my hands at the appropriate places with good old-fashioned soap and water). 

It’s definitely NOT because I vaccinate (Sorry to be heretical yet again, but I do not see the sense in becoming immune to certain strains of one virus, while at the same time being injected with the likes of aluminium, monosodium glutamate, and polysorbate 80, which just adds to my toxic load and makes it harder for my body to fight off other strains of other viruses. I'd much prefer a strong, healthy immune system that can resist any strain of any virus. But that's just me...)

And it’s definitely NOT because I take loads of multi-vitamins (I don’t take any).

I have, however, discovered (through research/trial and error/experimentation), how to support my immune system to do its job properly - that is, protect me from illness and disease. If you want to know more about the 7 habits I follow for excellent health, you can find them in my e-book “100% Alive”, available on Amazon.

The human body is beautifully, exquisitely designed to heal itself, renew itself, cleanse itself and regulate itself. If we nurture it properly, that is exactly what it does! But when we don’t? It doesn’t repair itself, it degenerates and ages, it fills up with toxins and gunk and fails to regulate itself properly. Sadly, you don’t have to look very far to find living (just!), breathing evidence in our families and communities and workplaces.

There is actually no physiological reason why the body should “age”! The body is constantly renewing itself, shedding old cells and replacing with new ones. The reason that people get old and stiff and arthritic is not due to the passage of time. It’s because: 

1. Their body is not getting enough nutrients to do its work properly. You need plenty fruit (preferably raw), plenty vegetables (preferably raw) and lots of leafy greens (preferably raw, again) if you want any hope of supplying your body with what it needs nutritionally. If the majority of your diet is cooked or processed foods, your body is going to wear out prematurely. Just saying..

2. They are overloading their bodies with toxins (chemicals on their food, in their personal care products, in the air they breathe, in their water) at a rate faster than the body can excrete them. Eventually, the body begins to clog up with toxic waste, the joints grow stiff and everything begins to slow down. 

3. Lack of use! People sit at their desk all day, drive the car home, sit in front of the TV, and then lay down to sleep…and wonder why their beautiful bodies, which were designed to dance, and run and jump, start to seize up from lack of use.

4. People accept aging as inevitable. After I turned 30, I began to notice more and more people my own age imply they were “getting old”. In their early 30’s, for goodness sake! All around us, people are perpetuating the belief that after the age of 30 - 40, our physical health starts to go downhill. People just love to talk about their ailments and what bothers them! Take notice, and you’ll realize you’re constantly being reminded that after a certain age, your body gets fatter, it slows down, it starts to ache, your memory and eyesight start to fade. 

Well, I say bollocks!!

What you believe is what you receive. If you expect to get old, crotchety and wrinkly, that’s likely what you’ll get. But I say no thanks. I say that my body is the earthly temple of my soul, I respect it and nurture it, and it returns the favor a hundred-fold. 

You see, I have this stubborn streak, and I don't necessarily accept that if someone else experienced it (or even if lots of other people experienced it), then it's inevitably going to be my experience too. We create our own experiences and outcomes, based on what we put in...

For example, when I had my first son, people said I couldn’t expect to go back to the same size as before. After a while, the weight came off and I went back to wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes. Then, they said, it won’t be that easy after the second one. But a few months after the birth of my second son, I was right back into all my old clothes. Then the next lot of well-meaning advice, was that after turning 30, I’d have to work harder to stay slim. 

Meanwhile, I just smiled politely, and ignored their "advice".

In fact, I can state with absolute certainty that I am more energetic, more flexible, more toned, healthier and fitter than I was a decade ago. And I fully expect to be even more so, in another decade. 

You get to choose how you age, by choosing what you put in your mouth, what you put on your skin, what you allow in your mind, and embracing love in all it’s forms. These daily little choices have an accumulative effect over the years.

The most youthful-looking people I know are not the ones who buy expensive anti-aging creams or employ personal trainers. They are the ones who have lived simply and honestly, loved wholeheartedly, gave generously, appreciated nature, and nurtured their bodies with wholesome foods.

Your body is just exquisite. Every process, every system, every cell, every action and reaction, is perfectly designed to keep you healthy and in a state of homeostasis (balance). Nurture it, love it, support's the true healer. 

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