Friday, October 17, 2014

Recipe: Peanut Butter & Honey Bites (Only 3 Ingredients!)

I confess...

I just ate five of these tasty little tackers, one after the other.

And I'm not sorry.

No. I'm not.

I've been making these for a couple of years, and my children love them! I can't remember where the recipe comes from, or even if I just made it up one time?

They contain only 3 ingredients, and can be whipped in just minutes.

What’s more, they’re gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free. (Not suitable for school lunchboxes though, due to the peanuts. All the more for you, my dear!)

But first, there is something I must write about - my conscience simply won't allow me to pass this over without a mention.

I'm talking about honey.

To me, honey is a sacred food. I don't use it often, but when I do, I remember to pause and appreciate the tiny creatures who devoted their lives to producing it. 

Did You Know:
 - A worker bee produces approximately 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her short lifetime.
 - A hive of bees will fly the equivalent of 3 times around the earth (90,000 miles) to collect 1kg of honey
 - Worker honey bees are female and only live for about 6 weeks.

Albert Einstein once said "If the bee disappears from the face of the earth, man would only have 4 more years to live." We need to appreciate and care for these vital insects. Read 10 Things You Can Do To Help Save Bees.

Now that you are suitably humbled...let me share this recipe.

Peanut Butter & Honey Bites

1 cup natural peanut butter (See note below)
1/3 cup raw honey (Use maple syrup for a vegan version)
1/3 cup dessicated coconut (plus extra for coating)

Throw them all in together and mix. A food processor will do the job in about 20 seconds. Then shape into balls, coat in extra coconut, then refrigerate until firm.

Note: It's not strictly necessary to have peanut butter, you can also use plain peanuts. Just substitute the cup of peanut butter for 1½ - 2 cups of skinless, roasted peanuts. I’ve even used salted peanuts for this, and just rinsed off the salt before I used them.

Handy Hint: I have found that if you place them in a bowl at the very rear of the fridge, behind other items, they may escape the attention of hungry munchkins and remain there long enough to set...

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