Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Importance of "Little" Things

This blog post was unplanned, but it’s something that’s been in my heart the past few days, so I decided to share my thoughts with you.

You know, life seems to go in cycles. We go through times of abundance, when things flow easily, when blessings seem to rain down on us and then other times are like periods of drought – so little encouragement, everything seems difficult, we struggle to hold onto our faith. 

I think both are necessary for our ultimate soul growth and evolution. I also think both are divinely orchestrated by God...with love. 

But naturally, we enjoy one more than the other!

At this point, I’m going through one of those times of abundance. Wow, I feel so humbled by the encouragement and support and blessings I’ve received of late. But it hasn't always been like this…

It’s been nearly 4 years since I realized my life calling was to inspire people to be healthy and fulfill their true potential. I wasn’t even sure how I would go about doing it, but somehow the vision has become clearer as I've forged ahead with my purpose.

Along the way, I’ve been ridiculed, criticized, misunderstood, ignored and laughed at. I’ve spent thousands of hours learning, and then sharing what I learnt - for no pay, and sometimes no thanks either. But I’ve stuck to my path not because of the rewards or payback on offer, but simply because I knew it was right. I’ve kept trying even though at times I questioned if there was any point? Was I making any difference at all? 

But if anything, these past few weeks have reminded me that we simply can’t imagine what effect our actions and words are having on others. They’re like pebbles dropping into a vast ocean and the ripples spread ever outwards, beyond our sight. We may never see the final destination of those ripples, but they’re rippling on just the same!

Recently, I've been contacted by several people who have been inspired or touched by my work in some way. It's almost as though God is whispering encouragement in my ear: "Keep going. You're doing good, but keep going..."

I want to pass along that same encouragement to you. I want to share one story, as a reminder that small, seemingly unimportant things can have a profound impact on another person's life.

Last year, I was on a face-book forum where people were discussing natural cures for cancer. I left a comment about my uncle using bicarbonate soda to cure his prostate cancer. It was a simple little action, took less than a minute, but the consequences were far-reaching.

I did it with the simple intention that someone might find the information helpful or be able to use it in some way.

The following day, I had a friend request from a man I didn’t know. Normally I would ignore this, but for some reason I thought “What the heck?!” and accepted. I then received a private message from this man, who told me his story. He had read my comment about bicarbonate soda and was interested in learning more. He was battling cancer, for the third time, and stated that he would “rather die than go through chemo again.”

I simply shared with him my uncle’s story and what protocol he had used, and encouraged him to go and do his own research, but he went further than that! He began changing his diet, practicing meditation, sharing his discoveries with others – the man basically changed his whole diet and lifestyle. It has been such an honor to witness his transformation, just on my face-book timeline.

Last week, I received a message from this man, and he gave his permission for me to share it with you:
"I have some great news that I almost forgot to tell you. I went to the doctor last week. According to my file, 87% of my body was infected with cancer. As of last week that number has drastically reduced to 8% ! the doctor ran several tests and dismissed it as the machines needed adjustment. He wouldn't believe what I told him I was doing.
But here's even better news. His assistant came over and explained his wife was sick with cancer and he wanted to know what I did to get healthier. When I told him how I came across the info thru you, and explained just what to do.... the assistant, with tears in his eyes thanked me. We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. Thank you Kate. Thank you, thank you, thank you. GOD bless you and your family.

P.s. please keep up the great work you are doing. I will definitely keep spreading the great news, and directing more people to your page."

Please. Don't overlook little things because you think they don't matter. Little things are the only things that have ever mattered. "Great things" are simply little things multiplied, or little things done consistently, over and over again. 

A great mountain is simply trillions of particles of dirt - little things multiplied.

The vast ocean is made up of countless tiny drops of water - little things multiplied.

An incredible journey is made up of millions of small steps - little things multiplied.

An epic goal accomplished is the result of daily choices and actions - little things done consistently.

So don't ever think you can't make a difference with little things.You may never know the end result, or where the final ripples end up, but understand that your every thought, your every word and every action is having an effect - whether it's positive or negative, seen or unseen - the effects are real, just the same.

So keep on doing good. Keep on taking care of the "little things" - a friendly smile, a word of encouragement, a phone call to say hello, a random act of kindness, using manners and courtesy, taking the time to pass along your knowledge to others - even if it seems like nobody cares or notices.

It's being noticed, for that is one of the laws of the Universe. For every action there is a reaction - it can't NOT be noticed.

Keep going.

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