Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Turn Your Big, Crazy Idea Into Reality (Part 2)

So you’ve dreamed up this big, crazy idea and now you're wondering how to make it reality? In Part 1, I wrote about figuring out if your idea is a) do-able b) desirable and c) in alignment with your life purpose, and then making a commitment.

The next step is where it starts to get a little bit scary - but a good kind of scary! We can all be awesome trail-blazers in the safety of our own heads, but getting outside your head takes courage. Here’s where you get to start practicing…

Part 2 of turning your big, crazy idea into reality is “Putting it out there”.

This is where you start sharing your idea with others. There are two good reasons for doing this, and neither of them include boasting or bragging for the sake of looking good in front of others. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

There are also two barriers that stop people from "putting it out there". Let’s get the barriers out of the way, first.

Both of them are fear-based.

Reason #1: Fear that somebody else will “steal” our idea before we get a chance to make it reality

Let me swiftly put that fear to rest! 99% of people do not have the vision, the passion or the get-up-and-go to take your idea and make it their own reality. 

The 1% of people who do possess those traits most likely have their own awesome ideas to work on anyway.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but the instances are rare (although well-publicized), and often involves more than first meets the eye (such as two business partners who have a falling out, one takes the plans/patents and uses them in his solo business). 

Reason #2: Fear of what other people will think of our idea. 

We fear that we might be met with ridicule, laughter, or criticism if we dare to divulge our dreams. Of course, that MIGHT happen. 

Based on my own experience, 9 out of 10 people won’t “get” it. More often than not, you’ll simply be met with a decided lack of enthusiasm, rather than outright derision. 

But 1 in 10 people will “get” it….and they’ll be the ones that say “That’s awesome, good for you!”

They’ll also be the ones that say “Hey, my brother-in-law works for somebody who can help you out with that” or “My wife’s cousin has been there. I’ll find out what you need to do…” or “I know a guy who might be interested in buying from you. Here’s his number…”

You need those people.

If you haven’t yet figured out the “how to do it” yet, then this is where you start getting your first glimpses of what steps you might have to take. Perhaps no-one has ever tried what you’re setting out to do, but there will be plenty of people will have some experience or skills which can transfer to your situation.

Yes, you have to face those other 9 people first, but the tenth person will make it worth your while.

Now for the benefits of telling others

Benefit #1: You expand your field of opportunity in quantum leaps.

When you begin to tell others about your plans, you not only pick up information from them, but you gain access to their circle of friends, too. Chances are that if they hear any information in their OWN circle of friends which might help you out, they’ll pass it along to you.

Don’t just stick with your immediate family and inner circle, tell your neighbor, your sporting team-mates, your mother’s group, your facebook friends. You don’t need to go into finer details or knock people over the head with it, every time you open your mouth, but a general outline of your vision should suffice. Let your enthusiasm shine through, and people will be more likely to get on board.

Your field of opportunities has just grown in quantum leaps. If you give in to the fears above and keep your ideas to yourself, you not only deny others the chance to help you, but you limit your opportunities to your own tiny little perspective of the world.

Benefit #2: It helps to keep us accountable. 

When we keep our idea to ourselves, it can be very tempting to back out, procrastinate, or quietly shove it into a drawer where it never sees the light of day again. Nobody (except us) would be any the wiser. But when others know about our plans, then we may think twice before giving up, especially if others have also invested their energy and support.

We are naturally wired to want to be liked and respected by others – it may even be one of our survival instincts. After all, in a disaster setting, the ability to get somebody to like you/help you could mean the difference between life and death. 

I'm not suggesting that we should be a slave to what other people think of us! But rather than trying to fight our natural instincts, why not use them to our advantage? Use the desire to be liked/respected by others to hold you accountable for your ideas and goals.

So tell them your plans. Knowing that they know might just be the difference between persevering and quitting, when things don't quite go to plan.

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