Friday, March 14, 2014

Do You Realize How Magnificent You Are?

For the next few minutes, set aside all your beliefs and expectations of what is possible and what you think you are capable of.

Let me paint a picture, based on actual research and evidence, of how magnificent you really are.

At the institute of HeartMath, they conducted an experiment where 28 vials containing human DNA were given to 28 trained researchers. Each of the researchers were trained in how to generate strong feelings.

They discovered that the DNA responded to the researcher’s thoughts and emotions! When they felt joy, love and compassion, the DNA responded by relaxing and unwinding it’s strands so that its length became longer.

When the researchers felt anger, fear, resentment, the DNA responded by tightening up and switching off many of its codes. (Is it any wonder that anger and fear make us feel tense and “wound up”?) 

The experiment was later continued by testing HIV-positive patients, and they discovered that feelings of love, appreciation and joy created 300,000 times more resistance to the disease, than without those feelings.

Just stop and consider the implications of this. Your thoughts change your DNA. Your thoughts can heal or destroy your body, invite or resist disease.

In 1966, Cleve Backster, a world-renowned polygraph expert, decided to conduct a lie-detector test... on a pot-plant.

What ensued would change his life forever.

After several attempts at provoking a response from the plant, he decided to burn the end of a leaf. The moment he entertained such a thought (he hadn’t even reached for the matches), the plant reacted so strongly that the pen shot off the top of the paper.

He went on to conduct hundreds of experiments and discovered incredible things, such as plants become attuned to the humans in close proximity, and they respond to their thoughts, even after they have left the building. For more fascinating results, read Cleve Backster’s interview with Sun magazine.

In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine that your thoughts (which you assumed were safely hidden away inside your head and known only to yourself) are constantly affecting other living things around you, right down to your pot-plant?

In the 1990’s, information leaked out about military experiments in which white blood cells were collected from donors and sealed into chambers so they could be measured for electrical changes. The blood cells were then placed in a separate room (within the same building), while the donor was subjected to emotional stimulation consisting of video clips.

When the donor exhibited emotional peaks and valleys, the blood cells did, too. What is even more astounding is that they did so at exactly the same instant as the donor – no lag time and no transmission time.

The researchers decided to separate the blood cells from the donor by 50 miles. The blood cells still showed the exact same response as the donor, at the exact same instant.

They separated them by hundreds of miles – same response. They eventually repeated the experiment by sending samples into outer space, and the effect was just the same, even outside of the earth’s gravitational field.

You and I are part of a magical cosmos that is so magnificent, so vast, and so mysterious that we haven’t even begun to comprehend it, yet. That is both humbling and exhilarating, all at once!

The human body is so much more than flesh and blood. It is pathways, and fields of energy, and electrical impulses and instincts. Did you know that every tiny cell in your body has its own memory mechanism? That’s right...our bodies remember!

And did you know that our heart actually functions like another “brain”, producing its own neurotransmitters? Maybe “listening to our hearts” isn’t such a foolish thing to do, after all?

And did you know that every organ is mapped out on the tongue, the face, the ear, the soles of our feet, and the back of our hand?

The human body is truly a work of art. Every process, every cell, every system, every organ – they’re all designed to keep you healthy and in a state of homeostasis (balance).

The body is constantly renewing itself – in the time it’s taken you to read this far, millions of cells have died, and millions of new ones have come into being. The cells of the liver are renewed every 5 months, taste buds every 10 days, lungs every  2-3 weeks, skin every  2-4 weeks, bones every 10 years, lining of the intestine every 2-3 days, blood cells every 4 months.

There is actually no physiological reason that we should “grow old”!

There are three reasons our body “ages” and none of them are due to the passage of time.

1.    The human body ages due to gradual accumulation of toxins which slow down the body, crystallize in the joints, cause inflammation, lodge in fat cells and burden the liver.

2. The human body ages due to nutritional deficiency. Without proper nourishment, the body can no longer work efficiently or produce the required hormones.

3.   The human body ages due to our thoughts and belief systems about “age”. We grow old because we expect to grow old!

Now perhaps you are wondering at this point, if we are so magnificent, so powerful, why is this not common knowledge? Why do the vast majority of humans never fulfil the potential placed within them?

Perhaps there are many reasons, but I believe the crux of the issue is control. If we all knew what we were capable of, we could no longer be controlled by the corporate interests who manage vast multinational companies, manipulate national and world economies, censor mainstream media (by threatening to remove their advertising dollars), influence government policies and more.

If we all realized our potential we would no longer spend the best years of our lives as obedient workers in their factories and offices, to pay off our over-priced mortgage and buy more things that we don’t really need, but we think we do, because we’re such poor helpless little victims in this big, bad world...


YOU – yes you! – are a living, breathing reflection of the glory of the universe. Just take a look at one of your brain cells...

You have the power to choose your thoughts, and via your thoughts, you can choose to influence the world, and the people around you.

You ALREADY do this, every second of every day, whether you are conscious of it, or not.

Master your mind, focus and direct your thoughts, and you will be an unstoppable force.

If you understood how powerful your thoughts and your words are, you would think and speak very differently.

Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto developed a technique that allowed him to freeze water particles and photograph them. His findings were nothing short of spectacular. Water that was subjected to happy words, or appreciation, developed into beautiful crystals. Water that was subjected to harsh words of hate or anger did not develop into crystals, but were blurry and distorted.


In his fascinating book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” he talks about the water of a lake in Japan which was polluted and undrinkable. He took pictures of the water particles before and after a Shinto priest prayed over the water for an hour. The water molecules were transformed from distorted and disturbed to beautiful crystals. 

Don’t ever under-estimate yourself! You are truly a magnificent creation with incredible potential.

Whoever said the “sky’s the limit” was thinking way too small! The sky is NOT the limit.

In fact, with every new discovery of distant galaxies and planets and solar systems, it’s becoming patently obvious that there are, in fact, NO LIMITS!! (Except the imaginary ones we insist upon believing in, which then become our reality, simply because our minds are so powerful. The power that makes a thing possible through belief is the same power that makes that very thing impossible through disbelief...)

Out of all the billions of souls who have ever, or will ever, inhabit this earth no-one is quite like you. Only YOU have your unique blend of talents, skills, experiences, memories, and interests.

Nobody else in the entire world – no matter how capable or smart they are - can fulfil the unique role that you can.

Whether you choose to fulfil it, or not, is entirely up to you.

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