Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Future Direction of This Blog: What You Can Expect

Have you noticed?!

That this blog is becoming less and less about me, me, me....and more about how YOU can use my experiences and knowledge and apply it to YOUR life? 

My long-term readers will remember that I have been talking about building a "Steve Pavlina type site, but without the polyamory.."  for years. 

Well, here it is. Or rather, here is the beginnings of it. My vision has always been a site that would inspire others to greatness and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, but the finer details always seemed to elude me. 
I couldn't think of a name. I couldn't settle on a header design. I couldn't picture the finished goal.

So, instead of procrastinating for another few years, I decided to just start somewhere. 

Martin Luther King Jr once said: "You don't need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

I designed a new header. In the past, I've used a blog designer to design my headers, and while they were "nice", they just didn't seem to reflect me and my message. So, after many weeks of experimenting and trial and error, I've got a blog header that I love. I chose the picture because it reminded me of the farm where I grew up, and how there's beauty all around us.

Then I moved on to fixing up other aspects of the blog. I changed the labels. Put up a picture of myself. Fixed the social buttons. 
And all this time, I could see no further than the next step only. 

And then suddenly, like magic, it all started to come together. The byline of the site just came to me in a vision that seemed to flash before my eyes. I think I was chopping vegetables for dinner. I was so excited that I could barely sleep that night. I kept dreaming about this blog, kept waking up with another idea for a post. 

Sometimes, we have to take a few steps, before the rest of the staircase becomes visible.

I now see clearly what this site will be and I want to share it, because you - the reader - are going to hold me accountable to this vision.

What You Can Expect

Topics Covered: This site will feature health, metaphysics, the power of the mind, how to get things done, how to do better and be better....how to be extraordinary. Anything that encourages you towards this end is a potential blog post here.

This site will still feature my own personal experiences - that is what I know best after all! - but written in a way that can be translated into something actionable for YOUR life.

Copyright: All blog posts on this site will NOT be copyrighted (excludes e-books), which means that you can share them on your own blog or facebook page or your bedroom wall/toilet door. You're limited only by your imagination!

Posting Frequency: I have committed myself to a posting schedule of twice per week - Tuesday and Friday (local time). We are 13 hrs ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, so this will likely mean Monday and Thursday for my American readers.

Email Subscription:  I won't be asking you to sign up to my newsletters by offering a free download. I don't know about you, but I've got more than enough email to deal with now. I'm not going to coerce you into receiving more. 

You can, however, opt to receive each blog post by email if you wish. (Via that little "Follow By Email" thingie in the side-bar, right above the list of "Most Popular" posts.)
I am so excited and can't wait to share my "new and inspired" work with you! I've already got many blog posts lined up, including how to turn your ideas into reality and how to have more energy. I am confident that the content will be so remarkable and unique that you'll want to keep coming back for more, no stalking your inbox necessary!

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