Friday, January 10, 2014

40 Things I Want To Do, Before I Turn 40.

I know I've said this before...but I really love that time between Christmas and New Year. I love reflecting on the year that was, reminding myself of lessons learned...and looking towards the year ahead, setting my goals and intentions.

This time happened to be busier than ever, since I was holidaying with family and we seemed to be either coming or going or entertaining visitors...all day, every day! (It was wonderful, though!) But I did get started on re-writing a list of things I really wanted to do in my life (a revised and updated version of my original "Bucket List"), and I'm aiming to complete the list by the time I turn 40.

I just turned 32, so that gives me 8 years.

I've tried to be really honest, and ask myself "Do I really want this for my life...or do I just think I should want it?" and I've really tried to delve inward for the answer that sits right with me. Therefore, a few of the items on my original list haven't made it onto this one.

#1. Perform a traditional Polynesian dance
#2. Record my own music
#3. Get paid to do public-speaking
#4. Write my memoirs
#5. Learn to play guitar (well enough to play "Hotel California")
#6. Become a mentor
#7. Visit Thailand
#8. Go to Africa

#9. Make a "Life Story" scrapbook for each of my children
#10. Do a 7-day fast
#11. Meet a Native American medicine-man
#12. Spend a year travelling, as a family, with no plan and no destination. Just exploring...
#13. Do a 3-month raw food cleanse

#14. Build a new house
#15. Host a raw-food dinner
#16. Grow a lush herb and vegetable garden
#17. Learn to design and make my own clothes
#18. Speak fluent Tongan
#19. Speak fluent Spanish
#20. Visit South America
#21. Do a wellness/detox retreat
#22. Research and document my family tree
#23. Cut my hair really short, just to see what it looks like! TICK!!  (See here: My First Visit to a Hairdresser in Over 5 Years (With Before and After Photos)
#24. Build at least 5 passive income streams
#25. See the Grand Canyon

#26 Road-trip across America
#27. See the Canadian Rockies
#28. Repay my debts (a loan from my parents, and a VET-Fee study loan from government.)
#29. Build a successful, sustainable health-food business in Tonga that will flourish WITHOUT me
#30. Visit Vava'u during whale season

#31. Travel around Oz
#32. Buy myself flowers
#33. Make a cheesecake
#34. Compete in a 10k race
#35. Become a qualified kinesiologist
#36. Have my aura read
#37. Meet my mentor, the lovely Brandi Bates, in person (She now lives in Belize)
#38. Become adept at yoga
#39. Become "fluent" in wild foods and medicinal plants
#40. Undecided. Will fill in later...

I've already started the ball rolling towards several items on this list, and will post a blog entry for every item ticked off the list.

Have you got a 40 Before 40 (or a 30 Before 30) List? Or a bucket list? If so, leave a link in the comments section so I can check it out.

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