Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Cure for Cancer....Is In Your Pantry?

About three months ago, my uncle was diagnosed with Stage 3 prostate cancer. His doctor urged him to have surgery, before it spread to other parts of the body.

He refused.

His doctor warned him that if he did nothing, he would simply "walk off into the sunset" (the doctor's words)

As luck would have it (or perhaps I should say, as God had arranged it) just a week or two before he was diagnosed, someone had passed along information to him about using bi-carb soda (yes, baking soda) to cure cancer. (The friend who had passed on the information, had used baking soda to treat kidney cancer, after being sent home from hospital to die. One year later, she is still alive.)

He decided to try it first, before submitting to surgery. One teaspoon of bi-carb soda in a glass of water, morning and night, and each morning he tested his urinary pH level. His aim was to raise his pH level to 8.5 for 5 days straight, as cancer simply cannot thrive in such an alkaline environment. Meanwhile, he continued on with his daily life, as normal. He was not in any pain.

In fact, pretty soon he began to feel better than he had in years.

After a month, his PSA (Prostate Specific Antigens) reading had come down by one full point.

Another month later he went for scans, which showed that the cancer had shrunk, but not completely.

Another month later, and his doctor has just given him the "all-clear". The ultrasound last week could find no evidence of any cancer. Officially "in remission".

Contrast this, with two of our other family friends and their recent battles with cancer. One recently passed away, after a couple of years of treatments - both conventional and natural - an unrecognisable shadow of her former self, aged just 54.

Our other friend, also in her 50's, began with lymphoma about 3 yrs ago. After some months of horrible chemotherapy treatment, she went into "remission". But last year, the cancer was back again, this time it was leukaemia. Her doctors admitted that this new cancer was caused by the previous chemotherapy treatment. Back to Sydney she went, for many more months in hospital, attached to a tube. But she survived, and came back home again.

Sadly, she is now in hospital again, fighting for her life. The leukemia is back again, and on top of it, she contracted swine flu while in hospital, which has now developed into pneumonia.(Update: our friend never left the hospital alive. She passed away soon after, aged 57 - I think.)

Now, can we say that my uncle's cancer won't come back? No. Only time will tell, if he has been cured permanently. But it does beg the question....

After decades of research, and over $200 billion in funding and public donations, the medical establishment can offer no better option, than A.) to cut you open B.) to burn your insides, with radiation, or C.) to poison you with chemotherapy?

Are we in the Dark Ages of Medicine, or something???

Where is the funding and research into something as cheap, and harmless, as bicarbonate of soda?

In Italy, Dr Tullio Simoncini treats cancer patients - many of them classified as "terminal" - by injecting bi-carb soda directly into the site of the cancer. His theory is that cancer is actually a fungus (quite possibly candida, which I've written about before), and bicarb soda is a very potent anti-fungal.

His success rate is somewhere around 90% (remember that many of his patients are "terminal", in other words, there is no hope for them...). Some cancers have a better success rate than others.

There's another school of thought which also helps to explain why baking soda is effective against cancer. Baking soda is highly alkaline. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

Unfortunately for us, today's diet and lifestyle promotes acidity. Stress, medications, antibiotics, processed food, yeast, dairy products, sugar, red meat, alcohol, smoking, chemicals and toxins - all of these make your body acidic. The ideal ratio of alkaline foods (fresh vegetables, whole grains) to acidic is about 80:20. Most of us are eating the opposite - 20% alkaline to 80% acidic, and wondering why we have aches and pains, low energy, hormonal disturbances, bad skin, digestion problems....

There are some natural health practitioners that believe NO DISEASE KNOWN TO MAN, can survive in an alkaline environment.

Do you realise what the ramifications of this would mean for society? This would mean the elimination of disease, cheaply and safely, without having to cut people open, jab them with needles, or medicate them?

Just imagine...

(Update: It's been two years, and my uncle is still well and healthy, with no signs of cancer. He continues to share his experience with others. One day, he got talking to a neighbour. This man also had prostate cancer, and chose the surgery option. He is now both impotent and incontinent, as a result of the surgery. After hearing of my uncle's experience, he simply said: "If only I'd known...")