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The Sickness Industry. Part 2

 Welcome to Part 2 of my special investigation. (I felt really important writing that.) I trust that you have managed to pick yourself up off the floor after reading Part 1. (For new readers, please do go and take a look.)

Hold onto your hats, this one is going to get controversial. You may agree, or disagree vehemently, that's your prerogative. All I ask is that you consider it. Think it over.

The things I've discovered while researching this post have affected me. Mentally and emotionally. I already suspected some things, but when I started digging further and further, it became more and more apparent that there is monstrous injustice at work, in our world. I have been unable to sleep some nights, thinking about the millions of lives, destroyed in pursuit of power and money. I have sat at my computer, and cried, over some of the stories.

Part 2 is focusing on pharmaceutical companies, and the medical industry.

As a society, we are conditioned to trust these industries, so this might offend your sensibilities. Sorry.

The Pharmaceutical Industry. According to Forbes, there are 7 pharmaceutical companies in the top 100 richest companies in the world. Combined, these seven companies earn 321 billion dollars in sales, per annum.

Do you think they make that kind of money, by healing people?!?!? Of course they don't. They make that kind of money by

A.) treating symptoms (as opposed to treating the cause.) This works out just fine, because when the symptoms return, you buy more of their drugs.

B) Using the media to create fear and panic (the H1N1 virus, being a prime example), so people feel they need medications or vaccines, that are actually unnecessary. They spend more money on advertising and marketing, than on research, and more on research of lifestyle drugs (like Viagra) than life-saving drugs. Big Pharma spend about $33 billion per year on advertising...

C.) Suppressing, or totally discrediting any natural remedies (or practitioners) that might threaten the popularity of their drugs. Herbs and natural substances cannot be patented, therefore, have no value (to them, that is. They would like to convince the rest of us, too) .

D.) Paying huge sums to buy political influence. For instance, in the past year, pharmaceutical companies spent almost $15 million dollars in political donations, and a further $69 million on political lobbying, in the U.S alone.

F) Funding medical school programs, and research programs, so that they can influence what is taught during med school. Apparently, some professors are even paid by the drug companies to do presentations. In some universities (in America, at least), drug company reps are allowed to wander the halls and have free access to students.

G.) Once doctors graduate, they can look forward to free meals, invitations to conferences, and free training opportunities, all paid for by drug company money. They can be assured that drug company reps will always keep them up to date with the latest drugs to come onto the market, and what treatments to use for what symptoms. In Australia, they apparently spend about $1 million per week, on freebies for doctors. (Don't try to argue with me on this point. I worked in a doctor's office for three years, and I know this is how it works.)

But, of course Big Pharma are very generous. They provide medications in times of natural disasters, don't they?! Well yes....just like the 4000 tonnes of medicine that was donated to the Aceh region after the 2004 tsunami disaster. 600 tonnes were found to be out of date, or about to expire, and it cost an estimated $2.4million to dispose of them. So generous, aren't they?!

Donating medicines is cheaper than disposing of them, and not only that, but they entitle the companies to certain tax write-offs, all the while, appearing to be pillars of the community, for "helping" the needy.

Doctors can be deadly. First, before you all jump down my throat, let me say this: There are some fantastic doctors out there, who dedicate their lives to their patients health, often at the expense of their own families and social lives.

BUT.... When adverse effects and complications from medical procedures and medical advice (called Iatrogenesiskills more people than heart disease and cancer combined (in the U.S), then something is really wrong with the system.

Most doctors are heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies. The majority don't have time to keep up-to-date with all the latest scientific discoveries, and research. They rely on drug company reps, to "educate" them on the latest treatments and drugs. (You think I'm making it up. Ask anyone who has worked in a medical centre...) When they do attend conferences and training seminars, these are often sponsored by drug companies.

As far as I've been able to tell, medical students recieve up to 40 hours of nutrition education (depending on the university) during their entire studies. Is this some kind of joke??!! Even Joe Bloggs off the street knows that nutrition is the most important factor in prevention and healing of disease...(If any medical students are reading this, I would be most interested if you could confirm this. As I said, this is all I've been able to track down. I did email some Australian universities to confirm, but so far, none have replied.)

(Update: One university replied, and pointed me to the Australian Medical Council. After 3 weeks, they eventually replied, and said that whilst they set guidelines, each individual university sets their own course program. So!! We are none the wiser...)

This is why most doctors do not give nutritional advice. If they want to do so, they are supposed to go back to university and study something like dietetics.

It seems as if modern-day doctors are taught to think of medical treatment, only in terms of pharmaceutical intervention, and even then, it's only to treat symptoms.

Here's an example: High Blood Pressure. If you have high blood pressure, then there's a reason for it. Your body doesn't just do these things to spite you!

Did you know it can be caused by something as simple as a deficiency in magnesium? Did your doctor check your magnesium levels before putting you on powerful, (possibly dangerous), hypertension drugs?

(For your info: other symptoms of a magnesium deficiency, are leg cramps, PMS symptoms, tiredness/fatigue, heart flutters or abnormal rhythm, kidney stones, and anxiety/nervousness.)

Even chronic dehydration can elevate blood pressure.

So, your blood pressure comes down after going on the drugs. Hurrah! All is well again...But what about the cause of the high blood pressure to start with? Meanwhile it's still going unchecked, and if it stays unchecked, it's going to show itself in other, increasingly serious, complications down the track, possibly leading to death. But at least you'll die with good blood pressure...

Or how about allergies, like hayfever and asthma and excema? Did you know the most common cause of allergies is candida overgrowth in the intestine? Candida is so widespread in Western countries, due to our high sugar, high alcohol, high grains intake, that some studies suggest as much as 80% of the population (in the Western world) are suffering from it, and most are completely unaware they have it.

If you have regular sugar cravings, sometimes feel "foggy" and forgetful, get drunk very quickly (say after one drink), then it's almost certain that you are in the 80%.

If you've been on antibiotics in the past year, then it's highly likely that you are there, too.

The symptoms are varied and diverse, but here are some of them: headaches or migraines, allergies, colic, depression, thrush, poor immune system (ie. you catch every cold and sniffle that's going around), sugar cravings, fluid retention, sleeping too little or too much, bad breath, mood swings, irritable bowel symptoms.

Studies have linked Candida to autism, and Jenny McCarthy maintains that vaccines were a trigger for her son's autism, but the underlying cause was candida infection. She swears that she completely healed him of autism, by putting him on the candida diet, which means no sugars of any kind, no refined flours, no alcohol, and no yeast. More of her story here.

It is my gut feeling (pardon the pun) that candida is, in fact, behind many of todays ailments and diseases.

Did your doctor educate you on candida, and suggest you rule that out first, or just prescribe an antifungal treatment for thrush? Or anti-depressants? Or jab you with a flu shot because you have "poor immunity"?

I bet not. For some reason, doctors are either unaware of the candida epidemic, or do not want to acknowledge it. In fact, I recently had to go to a doctor, to have a form signed, and I told him that my son's sleeping and colic difficulties had been caused by candida. The doctor poo-poohed and said he'd only ever seen one patient with that problem, and it was an AIDS patient, with a severely compromised immune system...

Of course. What would I know? I don't have any letters after my name, so therefore I don't count. It's obvious, really.

Still, you can hardly blame the doctors. They are a product of the system. Anyone who bucks the system risks losing their medical licence, and livelihood, and reputation.

Take Dr Eckard Roehrich: an integrative practitioner (which means he practices a mix of orthodox medicine, and alternative medicine) from the central coast, Australia. Had his licence taken off him, after he testified in court, in the case of a 12 year cancer patient, removed from her parents by DOCS, because her parents refused to allow her to have chemotherapy, when she was responding so well to alternative therapies.

Dr Roehrich was given 3 days to close up his clinic (of over 1000 patients) and given no explanation as to why his licence was revoked. This is the letter he wrote asking for answers. As far as I can tell, he never did recieve answers.

The 12 year old girl, was removed from her parents care, and forcibly treated with chemotherapy. She went downhill. And she died. You can read the story here. This is one of the most horrifying and heartbreaking stories I have ever read. I am stunned, that such a thing could happen here, in the "lucky country". The land of the "fair go". I urge you to read it.

There are countless stories of lives and reputations destroyed by smear campaigns, and even false imprisonments. Doctors that dare to criticise or question the safety of medications, have their licenses removed. Research papers go missing, fires myseriously destroy labs and offices. People who try to bring lawsuits against them are paid (or threatened?) into silence, before their case ever goes before a court.

So, if I disappear off the face of the earth, you know what's happened to me (I'm joking.....I think). It has crossed my mind, that I may be placing myself at risk, by writing about these issues. So be it. I believe that God is my Protector. I trust that the Creator of the Universe, is infinitely more powerful, than the creators of pills and potions and man-made diseases.

C...is for Cancer. Or Cover-Up? The only thing standing between you and full-blown cancer, is your immune system. If you don't look after your immune system (also known as the lymphatic system), it eventually collapses, and disease begins to flourish.

With a cancer rate of 1 in 3 people, in the Western world, oncology (cancer treatment) is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, and oncologists are forbidden to recommend any natural therapies. Instead, you'll cop one (or all) of the Big Three: Radiation, Chemotherapy (which by the way, originated from mustard gas), and Surgery.

Now, not only do you have to survive cancer, you have to survive these brutal treatments, which will kill off what's left of your immune system, so that if you do manage to survive, you will, more than likely, have health issues requiring medication for the rest of your life, further lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical giants.

In fact, untreated cancer patients have a better survival rate, than treated patients. So it begs the question: is cancer the killer, or is it the treatment that kills people?

The truth is, that they don't want to find a cure for cancer. They are making too much money, while pretending to look for a cure.

Way back in the 1930's, Dr Otto Warburg discovered the cause of cancer, and he won a Nobel Prize for his work. That was nearly 80 years ago, and we still have no cure??? We are so clever, that we can send satellites into space, and men to the moon, but we still haven't found a cure, for something that is, in essence, so simple. I'm sorry. I'm not buying it.

There are treatments successfully healing cancer all over the world, such as Gerson Therapy, the Simoncini Method, which uses Bi-Carb Soda, because it kills fungus (there's that candida thing, again), Hydrazine Sulfate therapy, and Pau D'Arco in South America.

Mind you, none of these treatments get any attention in mainstream media. (Why not? Because mainstream media depends apon pharmaceutical companies...$33 billion dollars per year in advertising and marketing, remember?).

I'm pretty sure the millions of cancer sufferers, and their families, would be most interested to hear it, don't you???

The trouble is, that fear reigns supreme. The doctor says the C-word, and advises you that chemotherapy or surgery is the best option. You feel uneasy about this, because you know the devastating effects, and think that maybe there's a better way? You go home, and google "natural cancer cures" and a gerzillion results show up. It's all so confusing, and what if you get it wrong? So....you succumb to the doctors plans.

The "cancer industry" is well aware of this. They feed the fear and confusion even further, by warning against natural cures, because they are "unproven". Ummm....That would be because no-one will fund, or authorise, the proper studies to determine their effectiveness. Alternative treatments have to rely solely on case studies.

The big end of town have really got it sewn up, haven't they?

And many of the cancer societies and charities who raise funds to find a cure, are funded by the drug companies, so the only "cure" we're raising money for, is....yep, you guessed it. More drugs. Think carefully, and do your research before donating money to any "health" groups. Some of them are little more than pawns used by the pharmaceutical giants, to push their own products onto unsuspecting people.

Of course, by far and away the best option is prevention. Many of these charities, would do far more good, if they put their efforts into protesting against junk food, pesticides, fertilisers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, pollution, homogenised milk, etc, etc.

If you have some time, I highly recommend you read through this article on causes of disease.

Vaccinations The drug companies swear that vaccinations are safe. But they would, wouldn't they? There would be massive public backlash and outrage, if it could be proven that they have knowingly harmed people.

I am not against vaccines, in theory. But I do not believe vaccines, in their current form, are safe. These are just some of the reasons why.

100 years ago, children were only given one vaccine which was for smallpox. Forty years ago, it was 5 vaccines (diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio and smallpox). Today, our children routinely recieve 11 vaccinations, and up to 20 shots by the time they reach 2 years of age.

100 years ago, autism was unheard of. Forty years ago, the rate was around 1 in 10,000 children.

Today, it is around 1 in 150 children. The medical establishment assures us that there is no possible link between the two. That vaccines are perfectly safe. Well, try telling that to the 4200 parents who have filed claims in the american Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Or the victims in this Vaccine Memorial.

I think it's highly possible, that if a child (or an adult for that matter) has an already struggling immune system (say, because of candida overgrowth), then a series of vaccines, may just be too much for the body and brain to handle.

For more reading, here's one mother's story: Secrets and Lies, one doctors treatment of autism using homeopathy (More interesting reading on autism, from that same doctor here and here.)

Other studies have found fully vaccinated children are 14 times more likely to have learning/behavioural difficulties, and 9 times more likely to have skin disorders. Of course, these studies have all been completely rubbished by vaccine manufacturers.

And don't think that adult vaccines are any better. They contain things like mercury (the second most deadliest poison on earth), aluminium (known to contribute to Alzheimers), ammonium sulfate, formaldeyde ( a known carcinogen), MSG (remember that one from Part 1?), and all manner of animal cells and DNA (and possibly viruses).

At the moment, the government are doing their very bestest to convince us all that we need a flu vaccine, and a swine flu vaccine. Especially pregnant women. Did I mention that they have mercury in them? Does anyone care that mercury can cross the placenta?

Homeopathy can provide immunity without any of the nasty side effects, or toxins. I have chosen to take this route with my youngest son, after he got excema and food intolerances soon after being vaccinated. His immune system was poor (due to the candida in his gut), and I fully believe, that if I'd kept up the vaccine schedule, he would have suffered serious consequences.

(I was also given immunity to rubella, with homeopathics, when I was in high school. I know it works, because my blood tests, when I was pregnant, confirmed that I was immune to rubella.)

But be warned...if you do choose to take an alternative route with vaccines, you'll soon discover that it's one of those issues where you are "free to choose"....but if you don't choose what we want, we'll make it so difficult for you, that you'll wish you just went along with the vaccine schedule". 

Expect letters from government departments asking for an explanation. Before your child starts childcare or school, you'll need to go to a doctor to sign a Conscientious Objection form, at which point, the doctor will try to talk you out of it, and possibly infer that you are completely ill-informed and irresponsible. 

(My doctor demanded to know if my child died of some horrible disease, how would I feel then??? That was after talking over the top of me, and informing me that exzema was not serious enough to stop vaccines over...Lucky my diet is so good that I don't get sick anymore and have to be subjected to this kind of treatment...)

However, he will eventually relent, and sign the form for you.

If there is any outbreak of infectious disease at the childcare or school, your child will be the first to be excluded. Never mind that your child is probably healthier than all the rest of the kids. 

(My son was the only non-vaccinated child in the daycare centre. He was also the only one who never had a day off due to sickness, even though he started childcare in the middle of winter...This is testament to how an excellent diet with NO sugar will support the immune system to do it's job. No needles and jabs necessary) 

But...what can you do?


Listen, don't take my word on these things. Go and find out for yourself. The information is out there, but you might have to do some digging to find it. It will not be the news that's shown on the current affair shows, or on the front page of the paper.

Nature provided us with everything we need, for nutrition and healing. We didn't need arrogant man to come along with his test-tubes and whip up some drugs, to "cure" us, when it was his poisons and toxins that made us sick to start with!

I have read many interesting articles while researching this post, and if you'd like to read them, please email me (you can find my addy through my profile), I would be happy to send you more links. I also read some astounding things on AIDS, which I am happy to share if anyone is interested.

I had originally planned on doing only two parts, but I overheard a comment the other day, that made me realise there is another issue that I haven't covered yet, so there may yet be a Part 3 :-) I'm not sure when I'll have it ready. I have a busy few weeks coming up...

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